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Travel Safe this Summer

Summer time in Australia is the best time of the year. It’s a busy time for travelling, with more Australia’s heading overseas than any other time of year, with over 800,000 Aussies reporting overseas travel in December 2016. It's also the most popular time for intimacy, with a 2015 study by the ABS stating almost half were intimate on Christmas Day! 

Clearly it’s the season for flying and ... other words starting with the letter f. However, there are certain risks involved that you need to be aware of if you're considering getting intimate on an overseas holiday. 

Here are some tips for staying safe this summer: 

  • Book in to see a GP / travel doctor to discuss risks and vaccinations - plan ahead as some vaccinations may take up to 6 months for full immunity
  • Make sure you have a health checkup before you go. Having an existing infection increases the risk of getting other infections and viruses.
  • Take condoms and lube from Australia with you - they may be hard to find or be of less quality in some countries
  • Consider getting a PrEP prescription for extra peace of mind. 
  • Keep in mind that getting consent and negotiating intimacy with someone who speaks a different language can be challenging
  • If you haven't used protection and think you've been exposed, ask for PEP from a hospital within 72 hours. 
  • Get a full health checkup after you return home



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