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Communication in Healthy Relationships

Good communication also means actively listening when your partner is talking. Trying your best to understand their point of view, asking questions to clarify what they are saying and respecting their opinion. You don’t need to agree with everything they say, just to understand how they think or feel about that topic.

Communication in healthy relationships also requires the ability to negotiate. This means finding a compromise for issues that arise in the relationship. If you are in a healthy relationship negotiating should meet in the middle, so not one person wins or gets their way, while the other person loses or never gets their way. Often, successful negotiation requires thinking outside the square or the two options presented in the relationship. For more about negotation of sexual activities, click here. 

Some good tips to improve your communication are:

  • Regularly check-in with your partner to find out how they are going, ask them:
    • “How are you going?”
    • “What has been happening?”
    • “Any news to tell me?”
    • Make time with your partner to have conversations and set aside time alone to chat
    • Practice actively listening to your partner

It is also a good idea to reflect on your relationship. So, regularly check-in with yourself about your relationship, ask yourself:

Then, return the favour and check-in with your partner, ask them:

  • “Are you happy in this relationship?”
  • “Do I make you feel good about yourself?”
  • “Do you think things are going well between us?”
  • “Is this the relationship you want?” Read about your style of love here

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