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Healthy Relationships

A healthy relationship should make you feel safe, happy, cared for and secure; you should be able to be intimate with each other and enjoy sex; you should respect your partner, their body and their choices; and you should be able to negotiate sexual contact.

Romantic and sexual relationships usually start with attraction. This is when you find the person good to look at and easy talk to, they make you laugh and feel good about yourself.

It is important to understand that no one person will ever meet all of your needs. This is a common myth that people have in their romantic or sexual relationships – that this one person will fix everything, be the solution, be their everything, be perfect for them – when it actually takes lots of people to care for you, give advice, provide guidance, support and love you. Basically, this is why it’s important to maintain your other relationships, such as your family and friends.

The experts often say the three must haves in a relationship are:

One of the extras people often look for in relationships is intimacy. This doesn’t just mean sex or getting naked. Real intimacy comes from understanding your partner and sharing something with each other that you don’t get from anyone else.


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