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PrEP - Appointments Now Available

Appointments are now available for the WA Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Implementation Trial (PrEPIT-WA)!

You are able to choose from four clinics. Once you start at a trial site, you should anticipate staying at that site for the duration of the trial. 

People living in regional parts of Western Australia are able to participate through tele-health arrangements with Royal Perth Hospital Sexual Health Service. People who live regionally and would like to discuss enrolment, should contact Mary at the Royal Perth Hospital Sexual Health Service on (08) 9224 3197 (regional only).

You can call the clinic that you would like to enrol at and let them know you’re calling to book an initial appointment to be assessed for enrolment in the PrEP trial. The clinic staff may or may not ask you a few questions over the phone to check if you’ll be eligible for the trial. You will be booked an appointment where enrolment will take place, which includes a discussion about PrEP and the trial, some paperwork (consent form) and testing for HIV, STI’s and kidney health. Once the results are back, you can start taking your PrEP medication.

What is PrEP?

PrEP is a HIV prevention method where people who do not have HIV take a pill every day to reduce their risk of becoming infected with HIV. 

What is PrEPIT-WA? 

PrEPIT-WA is a study run by the Kirby Institute, University of New South Wales, funded by the Western Australian (WA) Government, in collaboration with a number of partners, including sexual health services and clinics. PrEPIT-WA aims to assess the impact of the rapid expansion in access to PrEP amongst those at highest risk of acquiring HIV, in particular, if it will lead to a drop in new HIV infections. 

The study will see up to 2,000 people at high risk of acquiring HIV enrolled in the study as efficiently as possible. 

Who is eligible for the PrEPIT-WA Study? 

People seeking to participate in the PrEPIT WA study will be assessed against the eligibility criteria by clinicians at partiicpating sites within WA. Eligibility for PrEPIT-WA is based on the ASHM HIV PrEP clinical guidelines and these are described here.

People already taking PrEP can join the trial as long as they meet the eligibility criteria. People who are already seeing doctors at GP on Beaufort, Royal Perth Hospital Sexual Health Service or South Terrace Clinic for their PrEP prescriptions should contact these clinics and ask to enrol. People who are having their PrEP managed through a clinic that is not involved in the trial can contact a clinic of their choice to enrol.

If you find you are not eligible to participate in the trial, you can still access PrEP through private prescription and personal importation, at a cost of approximately $36 per month for the medication. All the current prescribers will continue to prescribe private PrEP. Further details on this process can be found here.

For more information:

Call: the WA PrEP Info Line – 1800 671 130.


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