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Free Condom Sample Packs

Did you know that 70% of people who don’t like using condoms are wearing the wrong ones?

Penises come in all different shapes and sizes and it’s important to remember that condoms are not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. There are thousands of different types of condoms, coming in a wide range of sizes, shape, materials, textures and colours.

You can get condoms that are flavoured, condoms that are glow in the dark, and condoms that are ultrathin so they feel barely there. Some condoms help to delay ejaculation, have ridges and bumps to increase stimulation or are extra lubricated. This wide variety can be great but it also can be a hurdle in easily finding condoms that work for you and allow you to have the amazing sex you want to have.

Order your free pack

The first step in pleasurable condom use is finding the right size for you. That’s why we provide free condom sample packs.

Each pack comes with six different sized condoms, as well as three lube sachets (so you can try them all out).

Try out the different sizes until you find the best fit for you.


 Note: This offer is for Western Australian residents only

What’s in your pack?

sax extra tighter condoms 60153.1454647134.500.659 1 removebg preview Condom Tighter Fit 08399.1454645840.500.659 removebg preview Condom Regular 85589.1454647005.500.659 removebg preview Condom Bigger Fit 57718.1454645086.500.659 removebg preview

Extra Tighter Fit - 46mm

Tighter Fit - 49mm

Regular Fit - 53mm

Bigger Fit - 56mm

Condom MAX 46937.1454644846.500.659 removebg preview sax super max condoms 53285.1454647170.1280.1280 removebg preview Wet Stuff Vitamin E sachet 4g removebg preview 2  

Max - 60mm

Super Max - 64mm

Water Based Lubricant x 3



Do I have the right fit?

The right fitting condom should feel snug and secure.

It shouldn’t feel too tight or too loose. Too tight and it can be painful and uncomfortable. Too loose and it could fall off.

You shouldn’t feel discomfort using condoms. The aim of condoms is to allow you to have safe but pleasurable sex. Your enjoyment and ability to have an amazing time is incredibly important and finding the right condom for you is part of that.


Where can I find more condoms?

You might find a size in the sample pack fits you best but doesn’t feel particularly fantastic. Now that you know your size, you can go out and try different types.

Each manufacturer makes different condoms and two condoms from two different brands can greatly differ in thickness, shape, material, et cetera.

Alternatively, none of the size may fit you and you might need something bigger or smaller

You might also experience a skin reaction, which could indicate a latex allergy. Many brands sell latex-free condoms so check them out.

Some places you can find various condom options:

Lucky Bloke is a great site to check out. You can order sample packs of different brands and styles in your size. It can make for a faster way to find your perfect one.



Shipping and ordering

Your free sample packs will sent in discreet and non-descript packaging that will not have the WAAC name on it. If you are worried about someone opening your mail, you can also pick up your free sample pack from our office or from the M Clinic, both in West Perth.

Please note: This offer is only for Western Australian residents. If you are outside of WA, you will not be able to receive a sample pack

I'm outside of Western Australia, can I still order a pack?

Unfortunately, we are only funded to provide condom sample packs to people living in Western Australia. If you are based outside of WA, you are not eligible to receive a pack. 

Here is a list of other free condoms programs around Australia and New Zealand:

How can I better sex with condoms?

Condoms can take some getting used to. Check out our article on pleasurable condom use for some tips. The inside packaging of the sample pack also has information that you may find helpful.

How do I put on a condom?

If you haven’t used a condom before, it can be a little daunting. Never fear, we have you covered. The inside of your sample pack shows the steps for putting on a condom and we also have this handy article on how to use condoms.

Where can I get more free condoms?

There’s lots of places around WA where you can get free condoms. You can find them at sexual health clinics like M Clinic, Royal Health Sexual Health Clinic, South Terrace Clinic and SHQ. WAAC provides free condoms to medical services, youth centres, schools, community groups and universities so there’s lots of places you’re likely to find them.

If you have an organisation that you think should order free condoms from us, let us know and we can supply them.


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