Sex, sun and no regrets - staying safe at leavers

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Sex, sun and no regrets - staying safe at Leavers

2020, what a doozy! What better way to shake off the bad vibes of what is probably the weirdest year to graduate high school in the modern era with a week of fun down south.

Whether you want to let it all hang loose or celebrate in a more low-key fashion, throwing caution to the wind is probably not going to be a vibe the morning after, so here are our tips to look after yourself at leavers.

Safe Sex at Leavers

If you are sexually active and have had unprotected partners, then visit your GP for a routine STI screen before you head down. Sexual Health Quarters (SHQ) can bulk bill these appointments if you’re under 25, so you won’t have to pay. WA is experiencing an outbreak of syphilis right now (like 2020 needed anything else) and rates of chlamydia and gonorrhoea are higher in younger adults – so it’s a good time to be safe!

At leavers, if you can get within 1.5 metres of someone who tickles your fancy, great, remember to use a condom. With all the fun of Leavers, that person may have tickled someone else’s fancy in the not so distant past - and by using a condom you can feel assured that you are doing your bit to stop the possible spread of STIs within the 2020 cohort.

Remember, people don’t look a certain way if they have an STI, and most STI's show no symptoms. You won’t be able to tell if someone has one, so take care of each other, and have a condom handy.

There are many types of contraceptives out there that you can use – all contraceptives can help to prevent pregnancy, but not all of them prevent the transmission of STIs. For this reason, we recommend using condoms – it’s a barrier for both pregnancy, and STIs. Other barrier methods like dental dams can also be useful.

Come and say hello to the Keep It Safe Summer (KISS) Team while you’re at Leavers in Dunsborough! We have free condoms for you, and we’re happy to talk sexual health and taking care of yourself at Leavers.

You’ve done well to make it through 12 years of school, and especially well to make it through 2020. Go on and celebrate safely and enjoy, you deserve it. Keep it safe this summer!

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