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Send us your Sexy Travel Stories!

Do you have a hot and steamy, or funny, or just plain embarressing sexy travel story? We'd love to hear from you!

As part of Sexual Health Week, we'll be sharing your Sexy Travel Stories on the Sex In Other Cities Instagram Page

Australians love to travel. We travel the furthest and for the longest.
There are many reasons for travelling; fun, adventure, business, love. No matter what reason we have, that feeling of freedom, excitement and getting the chance to be someone else for a short time, is amazing! When in a new place, an intoxicating island paradise or a cultures metropolis, we can become uninhibited and let our hair down. We often do things we wouldn't necessarily do at home, like make friends with everyone around us, drink more or use substances we wouldn't normally use or have more sex, maybe with a fellow traveller, a local, or a sex worker. 

All you need to do is:

  • Tell us your story - try and keep this concise! (About 3-5 sentences).
  • Send in your story.
    - You can do this by sending us a message on Instagram or alternatively you can email your story to our HIV Mobility Officer with the subject line: "My Sexy Travel Story"
    - Please be aware that we may need to reduce the length of your story or change some of the language used (e.g. we'd change "hooker" or "prostitute" to "sex worker".) Don't worry - we'll be sure to ask you to confirm any changes first.
    - We know this stuff can be kinda embarrassing and make you feel a bit ...vulnerable! We take your privacy seriously and don’t wish to expose you in any way. We will only use your name if you specify that it's ok to. Please feel free to use a different name / tell a story about a friend (with their consent of course, and without mentioning their name), or use an alternative email to send your stories in. We will not collect or record any of your details. 
  • Follow us on Instagram to read other people's sexy travel stories, and keep an eye out for your own! Revel in the thrill of sharing something a bit naughty with the world, without comrpomising your privacy, and of course... all for a great cause! 

    If your story knocks our socks off, we're sure we can organise a prize for you... just saying! 

Why are we doing this? 
In recent years, the number of Australians who have acquired HIV and STI's whilst travelling or living overseas has risen. This is largely a result of travellers engaging in unsafe sex practices. In parts of Asia and Africa, HIV and STI prevalence rates are higher amongst the general population than in Australia, and often even higher amongst sex workers. In Australia, condom use in the sex industry is almost universal and testing is common. Unfortunately, in some countries, sex workers often do not use condoms on a regular basis, and testing for HIV and STI's is uncommon. Having sex with anyone in these countries means an increased risk of infection. Let's start an open conversation about sex in other cities - the mind blowing, the very average, and the ugly! Let's talk about having a good time overseas, and protecting our health while we do it. 

Sex In Other Cities is a campaign run by the WA AIDS Council to ensure people who travel can access basic tips on when the best time to travel to certain countries are, what events are on and when, how to get places, what to look out for, as well as information about other cities. Maybe a country you are visiting finds condoms immoral or their sizing and quality isn't the same as in Australia. Maybe you want to get tested or need treatment while you are travelling. Maybe the city you want to go to has a high rate of HIV. Maybe sex work is illegal. We want you to have all of that information in one spot, so that you can keep your health safe. 


Our Mission

To minimise the impact and further transmission of HIV, other blood borne viruses and sexually transmissible infections. To reduce social, legal and policy barriers which prevent access to health information and effective support and prevention services.