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Sexual Health Week

The WA AIDS Council coordinates Sexual Health Week as a state wide campaign each year. This year, Sexual Health Week is from the 14th - 21st February, and coincides with other relevant events including National Sexual Health Week, National Condom Day and Valentine's Day. The theme for Sexual Health Week always includes Safety, Pleasure and Respect. These three simple words underpin a holistic understanding of sexual health. 




One common misconception about sexual health is that it means being physically healthy or having regular STI tests. Sexual health is a lot more than safer sex, preventing infection and unwanted pregnancy. Sexual health is about open communication, confidence in making informed choices, acceptance of our differences and a healthy understanding of sexuality and relationships. It is about life, love, relationships and the freedom of sexual expression. It is about what happens in the head and the heart, it's about thoughts and feelings and how that relates to others. Sexual health is about safety, pleasure and respect.

What's Happening in 2018

Sexual Health Week Downloads

SHW Poster                                                  SHW Event Poster                               SHW Facebook Post Image                                   SHW Facebook Cover Image                   Safety Pleasure Respect Poster
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 National Condom Day

National Condom Day is an ideal opportunity to promote healthy sexual relationships and remind people about the importance of getting and giving consent. The theme of National Condom Day this year is ‘Got CAKE?’ Using the CAKE acronym can provide a helpful reminder when it comes to consent:

C – Consent
A – Ask first – Both partners of legal age actively agree to take part in sexual activities without fear, coercion or intimidation.
K – Keep safe – Both partners have the right to use condoms and other contraception to protect themselves from sexually transmissible infections (STIs) and unplanned pregnancies.
E – Every time – Both partners have the freedom to choose when and what sexual activities to take part in, and the freedom to change their mind at any time.

Download the CAKE Poster
   I Love Cake A3 poster 

International Bottoms Appreciation Day  

Thursday the 15th February is International Bottom Appreciation Day. It’s a time to celebrate our friends, our lovers, our mentors, and ourselves, for the giving and receiving we do all year! 

Sexual Health Resources

      HIV: The Basics                               HIV Testing                                     Us Mob & HIV                                STIs                                                  PEP                                            PrEP

 Screen Shot 2018 01 11 at 2.48.29 pm   Screen Shot 2018 01 11 at 2.56.10 pm   Screen Shot 2018 01 11 at 2.59.35 pm   Screen Shot 2018 01 11 at 2.56.25 pm   Screen Shot 2018 01 11 at 3.01.29 pm  PrEPIT WA Poster 1

How to talk to Kids about Sex      Safe Sex No Regrets                        You're Not Alone                         The Drama Down Under               Syphilis is Back Poster

 Screen Shot 2018 01 11 at 2.55.52 pm   Screen Shot 2018 01 11 at 2.57.11 pm    Screen Shot 2018 01 11 at 2.58.25 pm   Screen Shot 2018 01 11 at 3.00.06 pm   Syphilis 1
      Sexy Selfies                                                 Consent

   Screen Shot 2018 01 11 at 2.57.53 pm   Screen Shot 2018 01 11 at 2.57.39 pm

Other Useful Sexual Health Resources 

Sexual Health Quarters

Get The Facts 

The Line - Sex articles 

Sex Etc.

Family Planning NSW


Sexual Assault Resource Centre

Love - Good, Bad, Ugly 

Tune In Not Out 

Play Safe  Play Safe  

Marie Stopes Australia 


Could I Have It?

Freedom Centre

Sex, Worth Talking About 



Department of Health 

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"Safety Pleasure Respect" has been used with the permission of Shine SA

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To minimise the impact and further transmission of HIV, other blood borne viruses and sexually transmissible infections. To reduce social, legal and policy barriers which prevent access to health information and effective support and prevention services.