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This morning we witnessed something many people did not think they would see.  

Australians agree marriage is not just the preserve of a man and a woman, but is an expression of love and commitment between all couples, including same sex attracted.

Despite attempts to maintain the status quo, Australians have shown their understanding that the right to marry is about all people having the equality and fairness to enter into a loving, committed relationship, that is recognised and affirmed by the State.

To everyone who believed in the possibility of marriage for all who chose it regardless of sexuality, who have fought for it and pushed to get to the point in time – thank you. Today we celebrate this result.

Staff at the WA AIDS Council join with the wider LGBTIQA communities in celebrating this response to the survey.

Having heard the wishes of the Australian community to change the Marriage Act, we would encourage all politicians to show bi-partisan support to change these laws as quickly as possible.

Thank you and congratulations from,

WA AIDS Council

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