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A Generous Bequest

In early June this year, we received a letter from Dr Aubrey Birkelbach advising us that his daughter Michele had sadly passed and that she had generously left a bequest to the WA AIDS Council. We would like to acknowledge Michele’s bequest, to express our gratitude for it, and to send our sincere wishes to Michele’s family and friends.

In a letter to Michele’s family, Interim CEO Willie Rowe wrote;
“Michele’s bequest and generosity to supporting the work that WAAC undertakes within our community cannot be overstated. You must feel justly proud of her. People living with HIV in Western Australia have varying experiences in their lives, and WAAC provides emergency support to those more marginalised people. The funds to provide this support are limited, and is primarily supplemented by grants. However, there is often not enough to go around. Michele’s $5,000 bequest will make a major difference to a number of people, and we are proposing to apply the funds to a program providing direct support to people living with HIV, our Emergency Relief Fund. Through Michele’s kindness, we will be able to stretch the program that bit further.”

Willie spoke to Michele’s family to get a sense of her community involvement, and connection to PLHIV. Michele had trained as a nurse and had an interest in others. She had shared houses with PLHIV, who she counted as close friends, and through this connection, provided for WAAC in her will.

The support from Michele Birkelbach and others who make bequests to WAAC is fundamental in assisting us do what we can to help the lives of people living with HIV. We thank Michele for her generosity and our wishes remain with her family.

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