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Beyond Positive: A workshop for HIV positive Gay and Homosexually Active Men

The Clinical Services Department has now facilitated two Beyond Positive Series of workshops. Held weekly over six weeks, Beyond Positive evolved out of a perceived need to offer HIV positive gay and other homosexually active men the opportunity to gather in a safe space and share stories, experiences and their own personal narratives around what living with HIV is like for them.

Facilitator Mark explains, "As a HIV positive gay man this enabled me to work with my peers is supporting the continuation of their journey and the ability to listen, learn and question what they and their peers were dealing with on a daily basis. It has always been about giving each person who attends the opportunity to express freely their journey to date and to share the experiences that have gotten them to where they are today."

The workshop agenda is very flexible, with the participants setting the themes each week, whilst being mindful of group guidelines and respect for each individual’s personal journey.

Conversations are held around such issues as diagnosis, disclosure, treatment as prevention, intimacy, sex, relationships, PrEP and much more.

With the overwhelming positive feedback and evaluation from the first two series, we will certainly be continuing Beyond Positive into the 2016-2017 year.

Lisa Tomney, Manager Clinical Services

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