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PrEP: Queensland AIDS Council pushes for HIV prevention drug trials expansion

The Queensland AIDS Council (QuAC) have asked the QLD State Government to honour it's target of zero new HIV transmissions by 2020, by introducing a trial of PrEP in the state, to match those conducted in New South Wales and Victoria. 

"I do not want the situation in 2020 where we knew we had mechanisms to prevent HIV transmission in 2016, but did nothing", said Michael Scott, Executive Director of the QuAC.
A similar trial would be welcomed in Western Australia. The WA AIDS Council recently hosted a community forum on PrEP, and the overwhelming consensus among participants that the use of HIV medication as prevention is a step forward in the prevention of HIV. 
Read the orignal article here. The original press release can be found here.
Details of the second PrEP forum, to be held in February 2016, will be available soon. 

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