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PLHIV & Travel

Being HIV-positive shouldn’t restrict you from travelling and seeing the world! If you are travelling it is a good idea to take your HIV medication with you for the entire length of your trip, plus a bit extra in case of emergencies. We recommend always taking your medication as carry-on, rather than in the under carriage, just in case your bags gets lost!

       If you are travelling internationally here are a few additional tips:

  • Carry a letter from your current HIV Doctor
  • Book an appointment with a travel Doctor. If you are going to Africa, Asia or South America you may require your Yellow Fever or Japanese Encephalitis vaccinations. You will be required to record this in your Vaccination Record Card and take this booklet with you when you travel. You may be required to show this document at customs. Should you be unable to be vaccinated, a letter from a Doctor will allow you exemption – discuss with your clinician.
  • Check the country visa and residency guidelines at You can check that this information is still current by making direct contact with embassies, or alternatively contact the WA AIDS Council..
  • Travel insurance is available for people living with HIV. You can disclose your health condition in a simple online form with

Should you wish to have your HIV covered you will need to:

  1. Request coverage for an existing medical condition
  2. Select HIV as your condition
  3. Answer questions regarding commencement of HIV treatment
  4. Provide details on your latest CD4 count and viral load
  5. An additional premium applies for all existing medical conditions

The following companies could potentially cover HIV as a pre-existing medical condition:

- AHM, RAC Travel:
- Australia Post Travel Insurance: 
- 1 Cover Travel Insurance: 

It is extremely important to read the fine print in the travel disclosure statement of the company you’re considering before purchasing travel insurance. It may also be worthwhile giving the travel insurance company a call to get further information.

For further information about travelling check out:

  • NAPWHA - Australian specific information for HIV-positive travellers
  • AIDSmap - A comprehensive guide on travelling. Be aware this is information specific to UK citizens, but covers some important fundamentals
  • UNAIDS - information on the global commitment to eliminate HIV travel restrictions



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